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Before I started working with Crystal, I was majorly impaired at dreaming--I couldn't even imagine or pretend about a future that I wanted. I was completely stuck on thinking about my limitations and why I might not be able to do something. What I have realized is that it isn't about the can or can not's, but instead about what I WANT for my future. Crystal encouraged me throughout our time together to identify my strengths and passions; therefore, helping me to dream a future that I love and will be able to wake up to each day and think "I can't wait to start my day!" While working with Crystal, I have had many "aha" moments; and even the tiniest shift in thinking, sometimes made me feel like I had moved a mountain.    

~SHAWN MYER, Advanced Pampered Chef Director, Morgantown WV 

After working through the Dream Builder program with Crystal, I am so energized by the act of being loyal to myself that I changed jobs to join a new company nearer to my home! My work with Crystal continues to lead me to greater heights – and for that I will be forever grateful!

~DANA RATTENBURY, Insurance Products and Education for Women and Seniors, Pittsburgh PA

During my work with Crystal I learned to relax and stop being too hard on myself as I work into my new business and related projects. It started with opening my mind up to the possibility of my dreams taking form as I held it with open hands and maintained the thinking of ‘this or something better’. Now I allow my projects to take shape and relax into them as I create the space for focused attention toward my dream. Ultimately, I continue to achieve my goals and move forward because I have stopped getting wrapped up in too many details or trying to control the how. After my work with Crystal, I have been much freer and more optimistic about taking solid steps in the right direction for the life that I truly love living.                 

~PATTIE CRAUMER, Coach and Business Strategst, Great Falls MT


Prior to working with Crystal, I had undertaken studies on my own about the Law of Attraction and similar subjects for a number of years.  However, some occurrence always seemed to happen to throw me off my course and totally consume me.  Looking back, it was serendipitous that I met Crystal when I did as I was venturing into an unknown area of starting a business.  I knew what I wanted to do but seemed to be wallowing around, not knowing which way to go next. 

While working with Crystal, I have developed clarity of purpose and the realization that all of this is my choice.  In mentoring, Crystal firmly but gently invites me to challenge my thinking, reminds me of where it is I want to go and in doing so creates mini-epiphanies that completely change my outlook.  No longer do I become lost at some dramatic event; I now move past it and move forward because my purpose here is so important.  I am accomplishing my dream and so can you.

~LAURIE JOHNSON, Animal Behaviorist, Bruceton Mills WV